Music of Silence

An article about Alain de Brunhoff, a talented Parisian pianist and teacher who abruptly left society, first as a Benedictine, then as a hermit. Brunhoff told the writer: “The point of passing time in solitude is to strip yourself bare, to discover what is essential and true. When you’re strippped down to this point, you see how little you amount to. But that little is all that God is interested in. He doesn’t give a damn about the rest.” In Atlantic Monthly, October 1997; URL:

Protestant hermit

A French-language article on Daniel Bourguet, a hermit in the Protestant tradition, prior of the Fraternité des Veilleurs (Fraternity of the Watchers). The article can be found at: Index=1529. Thanks to a U.S. friend of Hermitary for bringing the page to our attention. NOTE: The site server may not allow a direct use of the URL. Use, then use the Archives and search Bourguet.