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Monthly Archives: September 2003

Garden Hermits

Here is a short article on hermits in eighteenth-century English gardens, entitled “Garden Hermits,” with special reference to John Milton and Thomas Wright. The URL is:

Hermits in Art: Flemish engravings

Art collections depicting “Lives of the Hermits” are represented in the work of Boetius Adams Bolswert, Jan and Raphali Sadeler, and Assuerus van Londerseel, sixteenth- and seventheen-century Flemish and Dutch engravers. Their series are viewable at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Web site. The URL is:$Search?list&=01&=Hermits&=And&=Yes&=&=&=&=Yes&=&=f.

Hermit documentary film

A 1997 half-hour documentary film entitled “Hermits: Freedom or Madness?” is available from Albert Street Productions in Australia: . The film has been shown on the Australian ABC-TV program “Compass,” which focuses on religion and spirituality. The film features interviews with 8 Australian hermits of various backgrounds. Thanks to a friend of Hermitary in […]