Dunstan Morrissey

An interview with the hermit Fr. Dunstan Morrissey entitled “Your Cell Will Teach You Everything” was originally featured in Parabola magazine. It was edited and published in Catholic Digest, and is available at: There is also a very nice picture of Father Dunstan, too.
NOTE: The article is no longer available, only a summary. Go to then Back Issues, then Issues/Articles, then January 2001. Scroll down to summary at page 44. The photograph, however, is on our Images of Eremiticism section under Hermits.

(Added Sept. 2) More information about Fr. Dunstan and Sky Farm is available in Laura Chester’s book “Holy Personal: Looking for Small Private Places of Worship (Indiana University Press, 1999). A snippet of (real audio) video is available from NewMorning TV at Scroll down to “Sacred Spaces.”

(added August 18, 2010: this article from the <i>Mendota Reporter</i> summarizes the life and death in 2009 of Fr. Dunstan. URL: