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Monthly Archives: July 2003

Fort Fisher Hermit

Robert E. Harrill, called the “Fort Fisher Hermit,” was a popular hermit near Wilmington, North Carolina, from 1955-1972, receiving and entertaining visitors in the abandoned sea-side military bunker that he called home. He is the subject of several books and a documentary film. Two Web sites are: “Fort Fisher Hermit” at and “The Hermit […]

Robert the Hermit

An 1829 pamphlet chronicling the life of a black fugitive slave who escaped the U.S. South to New England, where he became a hermit, is reproduced by the Libraries of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The Web site is:

Bede, Cuthbert, and Farne Island

An essay titled The Eccentric Hermit-Bishop: Bede, Cuthbert, and Farne Island, published in the 1999 proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association, can be found at

Guidebook on Eremitic Life

The Catholic Archdiocese of La Cross (Wisconsin, USA) has translated into English the statutes governing hermits in France promulgated by the Canonical Committee of Religious under the Bishops of France. The English translation dates from 1998 and is entitled Guidebook on Eremetic Life. Web site is:

Chapter of the Mary Rotha Clay book

Read a full chapter from The Hermits and Anchorites of England by Mary Rotha Clay at Matrix, a Web-based resource on the history of women in the Middle Ages. Chapter 7 is entitled “Anchorites in Church and Cloister” and is located in the Commentaria section of Matrix at The Web site of Matrix is: […]