Hermits in Art: Paul and Antony

Here are two wonderful collections of iconography at the Web site of a professor at Augusta State University, Georgia (USA) highlighting St. Paul the hermit and St. Antony the hermit. Both Web pages collect classic paintings featuring these two eremitic figures. For the St. Paul page, go to: http://www.aug.edu/augusta/iconography/paulHermit.html. For the St. Antony page, go to http://www.aug.edu/augusta/iconography/anthonyAbbot.html.

Medieval Mystic Women

The Web site for a Canadian television series entitled Mystic Women of the Middle Ages, produced at McMaster University, features a “typical” young woman named Chrstine and her life and days in fifteenth century France. The live video, animation, and audio, are objectively done and informative. A segment entitled “The Anchorite” or “Anchoress” is included. The Web site for the series is http://mw.mcmaster.ca. The section called Christine’s Home Page is located at http://mw.mcmaster.ca/chrstine.html. To go directly to the Anchoress page, the Web address is: http://mw.mcmaster.ca/nunnery/anchorites.html