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Monthly Archives: April 2003

Fellowship of Solitaries

The Fellowship of Solitaries is an informal fellowship for Christian solitaries who do not seek formal status within a religious order but want to be informed and know that others share their avocation. The project has run fourteen years. Membership and a subscription Letter are inexpensive at 3 pounds, (5 outside the UK). Several publications […]

Order of Anchorites

This private (i.e., non-canonical) Catholic order of solitaries (which includes Eastern and Western rite) offers a reflective Web site with representative passages on the eremitic life. The site is at the free host, Tripod, but don’t let the pop-up ads deter a pleasant visit. The site was called to our attention by the Webmaster, and […]

Recluse as Poet: on NPR

The recluse as a poetic device is featured in poet David Budbill’s book, which he discusses in an NPR interview. From the Web page: “Host Lisa Simeone talks with Vermont poet David Budbill, who reads from his book, Moment To Moment: Poems Of A Mountain Recluse. Budbill’s ‘recluse’ is Judevine Mountain, named after the mountain […]

Hermit Resume

The April 2003 issue of Harper’s magazine includes a short item by an applicant (real?) to the Shugborough, the English manor which advertised for an ornamental hermit, as described in a previous entry here. Unfortunately, the article is not available online, but here is a brief excerpt: I would honestly try to share my love […]

Small House Society

Although it does not allude to hermits as such (it mentions Thoreau’s 150 square foot house and George Bernard Shaw’s little writing cottage), this Web site will be of interest to anyone who wants to build or identify a small house in various materials. There is a resources page and a news page. The Web […]