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Tian Xuesen, mountain painter

Painter Tian Xuesen has devoted his artistic efforts to painting the majestic Huashan mountains of China. The Shanghai Daily reports in an article titled “Tapping a muse in the solitude of mountains.” Sometimes when Tian Xuesen sits in city traffic, waiting for a red light to turn green, he feels said he feels dislocated. Small […]

Chinese hermit couple

From the Manila Bulletin comes an article titled “Hermit couple lives in cave for 54 years” describing a married couple living in a cave (in Nanchong, Sichuan province, China) for 54 years — so far. Liang Zifu and his wife, Li Suying, originally intended the move to the cave to be temporary, but they decided […]

“Hermits” – Chinese hermits documentary film

Hermits, a 2015 documentary film directed by Shipig He and Chengyu Zhou, follows author and translator Bill Porter’s three decades’ long journeys in search for modern Chinese hermits in the Zhongnan mountains of China. The film is based loosely on Porter’s classic book Road to Heaven, and includes some hermits who appeared in the film […]

Chinese mountain hermits

The Daily Mail (UK) offers a summary (originally Agence France-Presse) of contemporary hermits in China’s Zhongnan Mountains, profiling several in an article titled “China’s mountain hermits seek a highway to heaven.” Among hermits in the article: Master Hou (pictured above), Wang Gaofeng, Liu Jingchong, Li Yunqi, and Gao Ming — the latter two are women, […]

Chinese mountain hermit

The Beijing Review Facebook page includes a series of 5 photos of Yang Zhongyou, an 82-year-old recluse in the Qinling Mountains, southern Shaanxi Province. He is shown “splitting wood to heat his lodge, nestled deep in the mountains.” Other photos feature his hut and sleeping place. The entry adds: “A number of secluded old men […]