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Guilhot update

Jean Guilhot, the Biloxi hermit of Deer Island (1877-1959), has been cited in this blog. His reputation as a benign and mysterious hermit in Bioxi, Mississippi (USA) is now found to involve a past of crime and politics, as revealed by E. Suarez of the Biloxi Local History and Genealogy Dept. URL:

Disappointing hermits

Guardian article with a twist on the idea of hermits as wise sages. Titled “This reclusive life: what I learned about solitude from my time with hermits.” Byline: “When the chaos of the big city began to drag, Paul Willis wondered if solitude might be the answer. Would his encounters with hermits yield what he […]

Maine hermit-thief book

Not much has been reported (deliberately) in this blog on the story of Christopher Knight, the “hermit” of Maine who survived stealing food from campsites and residencies for 27 years until being caught by authorities and gone through court trial. The first book on the subject has appeared: The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary […]

Prisoner & recluse

The New Yorker features a brief essay titled “My Prison Cell: the Refuge of a Recluse” by an imprisoned man who is personally also a recluse. He describes the paradox of imprisonment and reclusion in a poignantly direct manner. I’m a recluse. By definition, that implies I don’t like being around people. But the oddity […]

Bill Porter update

Bill Porter (“Red Pine”), now aged 72, will be familiar to Hermitary readers as a translator of Chinese texts and poetry, and author of the 1993 book Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits, among many other more recent books. The local newspaper of his hometown of Port Townsend, Washington, offers this update. URL: