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Category Archives: Africa

Seychelles “Crusoe”

An item in the Daily Mail describes a British-born man (“Yorkshire’s Robinson Crusoe”) who bought a deserted Seychelles island (Moyenne Island) 50 years ago and has lived there in “blissful solitude” ever since. Includes photos. URL:–lives-blissful-solitude.html

Mabifi, Botswana hermit

A poignant piece from Botswana titled “The Hermit of Mogoditshane” reflects the poverty of the region as part of the context of the hermit’s own situation. Here is the byline: The little tin shack has stood in its present location for nearly 30 years. The figure that has been seen going in and out of […]

Gambia hermit

Short article on Brother Dismas, the first consecrated Catholic hermit in Gambia, West Africa. Brother Dismas lives alone but spends his day in social service to Gambians, living without utilities as many of them do. URL: