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Russian forest hermit Yuri

In “A hermit’s life in a Russian forest,” Russia Beyond the Headlines profiles hermit Yuri, who lives in a forest dugout shelter filled with books, wood stove, food, computer and smartphone, and a pet rabbit. He lives near a highway and can get petrol for his generator. He reads, maintains social media, chops wood, and […]

Agafya update

Hermitary readers will be familiar with Agafya Likova, the Siberian Old Believer and hermit, now 72 years old. This Siberian Times update notes her recent difficulties with insufficient food and heath issues.Includes many archival photos. URL:

Agafya medical update

A Guardian report indicates that Siberian Old Believer Agafya Kijov, 70, recently called in to medical authorities via satellite phone from her remote forest home to report a significant pain in a leg. She was airlifted to a hospital where doctors “removed” the source of the pain. URL: Her medical issue was resolved and […]

Agafia Lykov film

British film director Rebecca Marshall is producing a film about the Siberian hermit Agafia Lykov, whose life and circumstances are familiar to readers of this blog. A Guardian article titled “Stalin, Siberia and salt: Russian recluse’s life story made into film” summarizes Agafia’s life and indicates details about the film: When British film director Rebecca […]

Agafya benefactors

Ongoing news about 71-year old Agafya Lykov, the Siberian Old Believer and hermit: An American couple, reports the Siberian Times, Emilia and Luchian Marcov, who are devoted Old Believers, felt they heard a ‘call for action’ to travel to the other side of the world to be with elderly recluse Agafya Lykov. They want to […]