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Irish hermit Peter O’Neill

The Irish Sun profiles “English-accented” hermit Peter O’Neill, who died recently at 71. O’Neill lived alone in the Wicklow mountains in a hut, and maintained a large number of books, journals, and writings. The local priest came to his acquaintance and enjoyed O’Neill wide range of knowledge. Interestingly, Peter is not the only person living […]

Veronica Moore, Irish hermit

An article in the Westmeath Examiner (Ireland) announces that Sister Veronica Moore of the Sisters of Mercy, until recently a nurse in Zambia, received canonical status as a hermit. She is the fourth canonical hermit in the diocese in the recent year. URL:

Irish island hermitage (book)

A fascinating ebook available free on the web is The Forgotten Hermitage of Skellig Michael by Walter Horn, Jenny White Marshall, and Grellan D. Rourke (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1990). The book details archaeological investigations of a rocky island off County Kerry, Ireland, which housed a hermit’s dwelling in the 9th century. Includes […]

Irish anchoress

Here is the web site of an anchoress in an “isolated hermitage atop a remote Irish mountain.” Includes prayers, reflections and wonderful photographs. URL: Brought to our attention in a communication from the anchoress.