Romanian hermits today

Romanian hermitA video from Romanian television about hermits in Neamt County, Romania, in the northeastern region of the country. The video begins with a forest ranger confirming the existence of hermits in the forests and caves of the Moldavian mountains. He makes the poignant statement that the hermits live “a tragic life, which is utterly not of this world.” Most of the video features an interview with one hermit about his religious beliefs. Brought to our attention by a friend of Hermitary.


Hi-tech hermit

Here is a curiosity piece about a Romanian hermit whose computer, printer, cellphone, and television were stolen from the cave in which he lives. The news item is below or read it at

Hi-tech haul stolen from monk’s cave
Romanian police are investigating after a £3,000 worth of computer
equipment was stolen from a recluse monk’s cave.

Burglars forced the cave door, near Agapia village in Neamt county, and made off the the monk’s high tech possessions.

They took his new HP laptop, Leadtek TV tuner, HP multifunctional printer and mobile phone.

Police spokesman Neculai Costan told Monitorul de Neamt newspaper: “We made preliminary investigations and already have a circle of suspects.

“It was a surprise for us to have a monk complaining for such a heist. But he said he needed the gear because he wanted to keep pace with society even if he lives in recluse.”