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Maija Zlatic, hermit mystery

Maija Zlatic, a Serbian-Australian widow who inherited over $5 million but deliberately lived in apparent poverty as a hermit in a mud hut in Serbia, died without a trace of the money she inherited from her late husband. She had supposedly given away the first million dollars awarded to her by an Australian court, but […]

Cloistered Australian nuns

From the Northern Star (Australia) comes a unique photo gallery of¬† cloistered or reclused nuns, from the Carmelite monastery of Goonellebah. Notes the article: The Northern Star was recently given access to the hidden world of the Carmelite nuns in Goonellabah. It has been almost 20 years since the Star visited and it was a […]

Australian “Tarzan” hermit

Michael Peter Fomenko, 84, has been called the original Tarzan, surviving in the wilderness of Australia 60 years, accumulating legend and notoriety for decades. Reputedly the son of a Russian princess, Fomenko, notes the Daily Mail, shunned modern society 60 years ago and survived by slaying crocodiles and boars with his bare hands in the […]

Australian “Robinson Crusoe”

The¬†Telegraph (UK) reports on Australian David Glasheen, who has lived alone on Restoration Island for nearly 20 years. He moved to the deserted island after losing his fortune in a stock market crash. But a recent court order threatens to evict him from the island because he was evidently permitted residence contingent on creating a […]

Australian hermit documentary

ABC TV of Australia first aired the documentary “Hermits: Freedom or Madness” in February of 1998 on its Compass series. (Mentioned in this blog back in 2003!) The documentary is now available on the web. Description from the Compass site: COMPASS follows six very different Australians who’ve all chosen to live lives of complete seclusion, […]