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Dario Escobar update

The Colombian-born hermit-monk Dario Escobar, who resides in the Qaddisha Vally in Lebanon, has been profiled in this blog before; here he is profiled in National Geographic Australia. Escobar is now 83 years of age. URL:

Dario Escobar update

Profiled years ago on this site ( is Columbian-born Orthodox monk and hermit living in the Qadisha Valley, Lebanon. StepFeed, a Middle Eastern website, updates Escobar with news and photos. URL:

Lebanese hermit video

Fr. Dario Escobar, Colombian-born hermit living in Lebanon’s Kaddisha Valley, is profiled in a 2-minute AFP  video titled “Hermit Finds Heaven in Lebanese Cave.” A related AFP article offers more detail, with several photos. Video URL: Article URL: Still another article about Fr. Escobar, with more personal details, in the Lebanon website Tayyar, […]

Fr. Yuhanna, Lebanese hermit

A July 2009 National Geographic article by Don Belt on Arab Christians is titled “The Forgotten Faithful.” Among other topics, the article mentions a Lebanese hermit and describes his daily practice: On a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean near Beirut, a hermit rises at three in the morning, reaching for a flashlight amid the lumpy familiarity […]

Fr. Dario (local profile)

Another article on Fr. Dario, the Colombian-born hermit in Lebanon, this one from a local angle, a little more personable. URL: