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Category Archives: France

Mississippi hermit: Jean Guilhot

Jean Guilhot (1878-1959) was the “Hermit of Deer Island” off Biloxi, Mississippi. Born in France, he traveled to Key West, Florida, and then to Deer Island off the Mississippi coast. His life was a series of hard times, as the notes in an article titled”‘Hermit of Deer Island’ will get his due at Biloxi […]

Alpine shepherd hermit

A salacious story in The Independent describes “The Alpine Shepherd and the Parisian”: A French Alps hermit, described as simple, owned rundown property that could be used for ski chalets. The property was coveted by a wealthy jet-setting Parisian woman. She duped the hermit into marrying her, though they live in two different worlds; she […]

French hermit Adalbert De Vogue interviewed

Adalbert De Vogue (born 1924) has been a Benedictine monk at the Abbey of Pierre-qui-Vire, France, since 1944. In 1974 he entered a hermitage on the abbey grounds and has remained a hermit since, researching and writing histories of monasticism and the monks of antiquity and the early Middle Ages. A rare half-hour video interview […]

Notz anchorite

A modest but interesting site about a historical puzzle: whether an anchorite lived in the medieval priory of Notz in central France, and whether various images and the possible discovery of a hagioscope or squint (or even two) in the abbey church points to a resident anchorite. The site is in French. Brought to our […]

Jacque Vigne, hermit

French television spot about hermit Jacque Vigne, who lives in India and has recently published India Within (not yet translated into English). The short video describes Vigne as the “thinking man’s hermit. Twenty-two years ago, French doctor Jacques Vigne gave up his career to go to India to meditate and write. Brief glimpse of his […]