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Italian hermit fears eviction

A 77-year old hermit living alone on the Sardinian island of Budelli for the past 27 years is threatened with eviction. Mauro Morandi has maintained the island for many years, benefiting summer tourists, but the island is now in public hands and he fears eviction. A petition drive on his behalf using is being […]

Fausto Mottalini, Italian hermit

Brief interview with an Italian hermit, Fausto Mottalini, who lives in Sostila, an Italian Alps ghost village, where he is the only resident. “Many people think I’m a crazy kind of hermit, living here all alone, with no one to talk to or spend the days with. But I love it, I’m the guardian of […]

Julia Holloway: hermit’s active life

The newspaper Catholic Philly reports on Julia Bolton Holloway, 78, a Catholic, a Dante scholar with a doctorate in medieval studies, and a resident of Florence, Italy. She works as a groundskeeper in a cemetery — and assists Roma (gypsy) families in seeking social assistance and especially in offering them English language instuction. She calls […]

Spanish doctor, Tuscan hermit

This Telegraph article title and byline summarizes a hermit mystery: Long-lost doctor discovered living like a hermit in the woods of Tuscany. The man disappeared from his home in Seville 20 years ago and claims to have been living in the forest ever since. URL:

Pope Celestine’s fate

Much of the interest in the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI was to compare and contrast his action to that of the only previous pope to resign, Celestine V.  The treatment of Celestine was largely overlooked by the popular media, and, doubtless, the faithful. (See Hermitary article: A recent Discovery news item relates that, […]