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Benefits of solitude

A thoughtful Quartz article on the benefits of solitude centered on Hannah Arendt titled “Solitude is only a problem when it becomes loneliness.” URL:

“The Virtues of Isolation”

“The Virtues of Isolation” is a thoughtful, sympathetic, and up-to-date essay in the Atlantic. Solitude is given an exact context in modern life and society, with a firm psychological and social basis, and includes lots of references to various scientists and observers. URL:

Introvert comics

Start the year with a comic strip that will delight introverts: “Where’s My Bubble?” by a young UK designer and artist. “Where’s My Bubble?” is “Debbie’s sketches of everyday life, comics and illustrations.” It’s also a labor of love, an unexpected gift, and a smile of self-recognition. URL:

Prisoner & recluse

The New Yorker features a brief essay titled “My Prison Cell: the Refuge of a Recluse” by an imprisoned man who is personally also a recluse. He describes the paradox of imprisonment and reclusion in a poignantly direct manner. I’m a recluse. By definition, that implies I don’t like being around people. But the oddity […]

Solitude samples

A useful summary article on solitude today appears on the freelancer website Quartz titled “How the Mind Changes, Time Expands When There’s No One Else Around.” Besides mention of familiar names like Thoreau and Nietzsche, the article refers to a recent Chinese news item on the solitary resident of a village, and to the part-time […]